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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Allied Health Student Handbook 2021-2022

5 - Academic Integrity and Standards

5.1 - Academic Integrity

The College of Allied Health is committed to a culture of trust and individual accountability.  At the foundation of this culture are the principles of truth, fairness, respect, and responsibility.  Personal responsibility in all dimensions of teaching and learning result in principled people with shared standards, which assure that the allied health professions consist of practitioners with character.  The choices that practitioners make shape their character and their practice.  Consequently, in the College of Allied Health community, integrity in all aspects of professional education and personal development is a shared value.  Individual acts that are in conflict with this shared value of integrity are subject to the Academic Misconduct Code of the University of Oklahoma. Please also see Regents’ Academic Integrity policy in the OUHSC Faculty Handbook, Section 4.17.

5.2 - College Standards

To maintain good standing and to be eligible for graduation in the College of Allied Health, the student must meet each of the following minimum standards of performance:

  • A minimum grade of C or S in each program course.
  • A grade point average of 2.50 or higher each semester.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher while enrolled in an academic program in the College.
  • A grade point average of 2.50 or higher in all required courses in the academic program in which the student is enrolled.
  • Satisfactory professional performance and behavior.
  • Satisfactory progress, as determined by the Academic and Professional Progress Committee and the Dean.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Science (M.S.) Graduate College programs in the College of Allied Health must comply with the academic standards of the University of Oklahoma Graduate College, which are printed in the Graduate College Bulletin.

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