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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Allied Health Student Handbook 2021-2022

11.12 - Health Insurance

Students in the College of Allied Health are required to carry health insurance and show evidence of coverage which must be maintained as long as the student is enrolled at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.  Effective June 2017, all students enrolled in OUHSC programs must purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan or submit a waiver, each semester, to show alternative coverage via the Student Health Insurance waiver program by the 10th business day after the first day of classes.  If not compliant within ten days, the student may, at the discretion of the College, be suspended from classes and/or rotations until proof of coverage is provided.  In such event, the student may miss academic or clinical work, classes, or rotations, which may prevent the student from successfully completing a particular class, rotation, academic requirement, or semester.    Information about student health insurance plans is available online.  For additional information on student health insurance, contact the Office of Academic and Student Services in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

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