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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Allied Health Student Handbook 2021-2022

11.5 - Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are available to post general student and program information.  A bulletin board for Tulsa students is located directly outside the 2nd floor labs in room 2D12 and at the west end of the 2 E hallway. Students must receive approval to post items on bulletin boards from the Academic and Student Services Office.  Oklahoma City bulletin boards are adjacent to each department in the College of Allied Health Building.  To place information on these bulletin boards, students must get the approval of the appropriate department chairperson or designee or the Office of Academic and Student Services.

Posting guidelines include:

  • All postings (notices, announcements, memo, etc.) should be placed on designated bulletin boards.
  • Do not post on wooden doors, painted walls, or the glass doors/windows at building entrances.  Tape adhesive damages wood and painted finishes.  Old tape on glass surfaces creates an unsightly appearance.
  • Exception to this policy may be made for temporary urgent postings (room changes, class cancellations due to illness, etc.).  These notices may be placed on or near the door to the room; however, masking tape should be used (not transparent tape), and the notice should be removed promptly after serving its purpose. 

The electronic bulletin board is also available to post general student information.  For approval to place information on the electronic bulletin board, students must contact the Office of Academic and Student Services.  

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