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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Allied Health Student Handbook 2021-2022

10.14 - Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers academically talented undergraduates the opportunity to enroll in honors-designated courses, which lead to a degree cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude.  The educational opportunities include honors-designated sections of lower-division courses (Norman campus only), division honors seminars and colloquia, and honors reading and research courses.  The goal of this program is to challenge academically talented students and to enable them to attain deeper understanding of and greater degree of commitment to their intellectual goals.  In order to graduate with honors, students must satisfy requirements of their degree-granting college and their department as well as satisfying the requirements of the OU Honors Program.  Students who successfully complete all requirements of the University’s Honors Program and who attain a cumulative OU grade point average of at least 3.8 will be granted summa cum laude; those with cumulative OU grade point average of at least 3.6, but less than 3.8, will be graduated magna cum laude; and those with cumulative OU grade point averages of at least 3.4, but less than 3.6, will be graduated cum laude.

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