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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Allied Health Student Handbook 2020-2021

9 - College of Allied Health Student Computing Information

A copy of the College's student computing policies and procedures is available online. The document defines policies, procedures and practices regarding computing and computer usage in the College of Allied Health and addresses the following areas: hardware equipment, software, special equipment, purchases and upgrades, maintenance and care, virus protection, security, network access, training and support, systems administration and disaster recovery.  By following these directives, each user reduces the likelihood of data or property loss and contributes to a safe and productive computing environment.

9.1 - Email

Official student information is distributed regularly via electronic mail (email). The standard email address for all campus faculty, staff, and students is:

Any student who does not have an OUHSC domain account should have one created by contacting the IT Service Desk at 1-888-435-7486 or visiting the website.

9.2 - College Printing Services

Students may choose to use any available printing services. To save on printing costs, the following suggestions are for more efficient or alternative printing solutions:

  • 2-up printing - Two pages side by side on 8.5” x 11” page
  • 4-up printing - Four pages on 8.5” x 11” page
  • Print only what you need
  • Printing at home

The “PaperCut” system (similar to the system in use in the Student Union) is the printing solution in AHB 2040.  This pay-to-print ($.05 per page) system offers only monochrome (black and white) printing. Specific printing instructions are provided at the PaperCut kiosk (AHB 2040).

Printers in the OU-Tulsa Student Computing Lab, room 1C65, are available for use by students.

9.3 - Student File Storage

 Files created by users should be stored on portable encrypted storage medium (disk, CD, USB drive, etc.) or by using OU Sync & Share service.  Contact the IT Service Desk at 1-888-435-7486 or visiting the website for information on signing up and using OU Sync & Share.   Files are not to be stored on the local hard drive of College or campus computers. The only exception is temporary storage of PowerPoint or image files for use during a classroom presentation. Do not store PHI from patients on portable storage media or on your personal computer.

9.4 - College Computer Requirements

Students in the College are required to have a personal laptop or notebook computer. Recommended minimum specifications for any new computer purchase and mandatory software requirements are available online.

9.5 - Campus Resources


Oklahoma City Campus



Schusterman Center


IT Service Desk

405.271.8001, ext. 43412

System Administrator, Derek Teague, Manager, Information Technology
405.271.8001, ext. 43412
405.271.8001, ext. 43410


CIS Technical Team

Joey Rodriguez, LAN Support Specialist IV

Joe Takacs

405.271.8001, ext. 43402 or

Associate Dean, CAH
Dr. Kari Boyce

405.271.8001, ext. 43402 or

Student Union and Library

College Computer Labs

Shared campus lab = 1C65

Additional computers located in the Library

Computer classroom = 3110

AHB 1046, 1047, 1117

2038 (VERT),  2039, 2045, 2046, 2049, 2050,2056, 2058, 2059, 2060, 2065, 3029, 3132


Shared Classrooms
(DE classrooms in bold)

Learning Center. Founders Hall, Auditorium/115, 135-145, 220-231;

Bldg 1. 1D04, 1D18, 1D28, 2C33, 2E29, 1F15, 1G13, 1H02;

Bldg 3. 3100, 3102, 3104, 3106, 3108;3109

Bldg 4. 4201, 4211, 4216, 4314, 4320

Allied Health

Derek Teague  405.409.7756

Joey Rodriguez 405.409.7754

DE and Non-DE Classroom Trouble Call Contact

(Direct Cell Phone)

Tulsa AV Tech

Joe Takacs  918.319.1060

Allied Health


Pam Farmer (office), ext 47112

Gina Vile (office), ext 41171

On-line Instructional Support, D2L &

College Webpages

Allied Health Tulsa


Pam Farmer(office), ext 47112

Gina Vile (office), ext 41171

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