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11.7 - Campus Police and Public Safety/Inclement Weather Policy

The Campus Police and Public Safety’s OKC and Tulsa websites include policies and procedures of interest to students regarding right to know, general safety, hazardous weather, and emergency services. Information regarding campus closing due to hazardous weather is announced on the OUHSC home page and is available at 405.271.6499 (OKC) and 918.660.3999 (Tulsa) and through the University’s Emergency Communication System (ECS). The University of Oklahoma’s Emergency Communication System (ECS) enables the University to send time-sensitive notifications about emergency situations including building refuge and egress to all students, faculty, staff, and identified campus affiliates. These urgent messages will be transmitted to all available voice service, e-mail and text messaging options. You must sign up for text alerts at Students in clinical assignments are considered professionals-in-training and are learning the responsibilities of health care providers whose services are vital to patients, clinics and hospitals.  Therefore, they too are responsible for meeting their obligations regardless of inclement weather unless relieved of these duties by their instructor/clinical supervisor.

Occasionally inclement weather will necessitate campus closure as dictated by the OUHSC Provost and OU-Tulsa President. If inclement weather is predicted, please check your campus websites to ascertain the status of your campus. Students should also receive notification from ECS via text, phone, and/or email. Students are expected to monitor these sites to determine if classes are to be held. Failure to do so may not be accepted as an excuse for a missed exam or assignment. Students in Departments and Programs located on the two separate OUHSC and OU-Tulsa campuses should refer to their Department Handbook for the guidelines in how class, labs, clinics, and other scheduled curriculum responsibilities will be handled when one campus is closed and the other is open.   

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