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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Allied Health Student Handbook 2021-2022

14 - Student Organizations

Participation in a student organization gives students opportunities to expand and enhance their overall educational experience, improve social life, gain self confidence, acquire leadership skills, and learn how to function as a member of a group or a team.  Students should explore the various student organizations offered and become actively involved.

14.1 - College of Allied Health Student Association

The purpose of the College of Allied Health Student Association is to:

  • represent the students of the College as a leadership organization, in regulation and coordination of student governance;
  • promote interest in and loyalty to the College;
  • conserve and propagate the ideals and traditions of the health professions;
  • serve as a platform for cooperation and collaboration among students, faculty and administration; and to
  • promote honesty and individual achievement

The Student Association's legislative power is vested in the student elected department representatives.  Four students from each department are elected each year to serve as representatives.  Alternates are also elected to serve when the elected department representative is absent from Association meetings.  Students elect Association officers and representatives to the OUHSC Student Senate each year.

Student governance in the College is an important aspect of student life.  With an annual budget derived from student activity fees, the Student Association is engaged in a number of social events, community service activities, and educational programs.  Involvement in these activities is a precursor and preparation for lifelong responsibilities associated with all health science professions. 

14.2 - Other College of Allied Health Student Organizations

Recognized student organizations in the College include:

  • Alpha Eta Honor Society
  • College of Allied Health Student Association
  • Colleges Against Cancer
  • Dietetic Student Association
  • National Association of Future Doctors of Audiology
  • National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Nuclear Medicine Seniors
  • Nuclear Medicine Juniors
  • Radiography Seniors
  • Radiography Juniors
  • Radiation Therapy Seniors
  • Radiation Therapy Juniors
  • Rehabilitation Sciences Student Association
  • Rehabilitation Sciences Year 3
  • Rehabilitation Sciences Year 2
  • Rehabilitation Sciences Year 1
  • Sonography Seniors
  • Sonography Juniors
  • Student Occupational Therapy Association
  • Student Physical Therapy Association

14.3 - OUHSC Student Government Association

The OUHSC Student Government Association (OUHSCSGA) is the student organization that represents all students at the Health Sciences Center.  The Association maintains WebPages at online to keep students informed of its activities and structure and to publish its constitution and bylaws.

14.4 - OU-Tulsa Student Government Association

The OU-Tulsa Student Government Association (OUTSGA) is the student organization that represents all students at the OU-Tulsa campus.  The Association maintains WebPages online to keep students informed of its activities and structure and to publish its constitution and bylaws.

14.5 - Sales and Fundraising Activities

Students should obtain a copy of the Request for Fundraising Form  online or from the Office of Academic and Student Services to request approval for fundraising activities.

Guidelines for using the Schusterman Center or College of Allied Health buildings for fundraising include:

  • All activities must comply with the above form.
  • All promotional material must be placed on bulletin boards, or attached with masking tape to washable surfaces.  Nothing is to be placed on glass doors or windows.
  • Sales stands must not impede the flow of traffic or create a safety hazard in the building.
  • Sales stands must be placed far enough from classrooms so noise does not interrupt classes.
  • Promotional material must be removed immediately after sales have been completed.
  • Participants of sales or other events must clean area before leaving.
  • All advertisement of fundraising must include the following statement:  This [EVENT/PROJECT] is a project of [INSERT RSO NAME] and is not sponsored or endorsed by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center or the College of Allied Health.  If you have any questions about this event, please contact [NAME] at [EMAIL/PHONE]. 
  • College of Allied Health students will be notified that ALL fundraising emails must include the standard disclaimer as noted above.  The Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Services will monitor ALL fundraising email messages and require students make corrections to the message to meet fundraising policies and procedures.

With regard to the rules and regulations for the use of other buildings on Oklahoma City or Tulsa campuses, check with the Office of Academic and Student Services.

14.6 - Procedures for Outside Bank Accounts

If a Registered Student Organization has self-generated funds (such as from a fundraiser or membership dues) that have not been comingled with University funds, those monies may be used to make otherwise unallowable purchases.  For example, if the organization wishes to do a football ticket giveaway, provide door prizes, or give an award for attendance, you could not do that with Student Government Association funds, but you could with self-generated funds.

In order to spend self-generated funds, Registered Student Organizations may opt to set up the organization’s accounts at local banking institutions. Organization advisers should be involved with any outside accounts set up to help ensure proper financial records are kept and any necessary taxes are filed.

To set up a local bank account, a Registered Student Organization will be required by the bank to provide personal information. Please be mindful of student leadership turnover and what is best for all persons involved.  Alternatively, the organization may obtain a federal identification number to use for banking purposes.  Form SS-4 will require a responsible party’s name and Social Security number.

Registered Student Organizations are not permitted to use the University of Oklahoma's tax ID number. Please note that becoming tax exempt is a very involved process that may or may not be beneficial for a registered student organization. If it is desired, the student organization will need to obtain the services of an outside lawyer or accountant. HSC Student Affairs does not (and cannot) provide these services for groups. It is imperative that the organization's adviser be highly involved with the registered student organization regarding financial decisions of this nature.

Funds generated from dues, assessments, and fund-raising events or any other revenue-generating activity and deposited into a university account will be reviewed for University fiscal allowances set forth by HSC Administration & Finance. 

Student groups who hold fundraising events in University facilities may be required to pay a facility fee.  All Student Activity Fee funds must be handled through the University.

For questions, please contact: Katherine Cooley, Accountant, HSC Student Affairs

(405) 271-2416 |

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