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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Allied Health Student Handbook 2020-2021

9.2 - College Printing Services

Students may choose to use any available printing services. To save on printing costs, the following suggestions are for more efficient or alternative printing solutions:

  • 2-up printing - Two pages side by side on 8.5” x 11” page
  • 4-up printing - Four pages on 8.5” x 11” page
  • Print only what you need
  • Printing at home

The “PaperCut” system (similar to the system in use in the Student Union) is the printing solution in AHB 2040.  This pay-to-print ($.05 per page) system offers only monochrome (black and white) printing. Specific printing instructions are provided at the PaperCut kiosk (AHB 2040).

Printers in the OU-Tulsa Student Computing Lab, room 1C65, are available for use by students.

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